3 Reasons Why Homeowners Become DIY Bathroom Renovators

Updating a home bathroom is one of the fastest ways to increase function and home values. However, professional bathroom renovators are often out of reach for budget-conscious homeowners, especially if they have families. Many now solve the problem by using their DIY skills to make basic changes that offer big payoffs. Almost anyone can find the products and “how-to” guides to make bathrooms more space efficient and trendy.

Simple Changes Can Add Space

Easy remodeling projects can make tiny or poorly-designed bathrooms much more user-friendly. With that in mind, many homeowners visit home improvement warehouses and work with their staff, to explore space-efficient options. These experts can direct clients to DIY help that includes inspirational style galleries, videos, and planning guides. They show customers how to do simple projects like creating over-door storage, replacing fixtures with smaller ones or simply using a monochromatic color theme to create the illusion of space.

Bathrooms Can Be Updated in a Few Steps

Some homeowners renovate their bathrooms in order to update old-fashioned looks. Small changes can often add a trendy look to spaces without replacing bathtubs, toilets or showers, which are usually the most complicated projects. For instance, many DIY renovators exchange ugly faucets, handles and shower heads for sleek modern styles. They replace outdated mirrors with simple contemporary models and change out lighting. Instead of replacing old-fashioned tile, they make it work by coordinating details like shelving or paint colors. Homeowners may also add a wallpaper that distracts from less-than-attractive tiling. Some even learn to paint tiles and bathtubs.

Basic Renovations Can Accommodate Families

Homeowners often alter bathrooms when children come along. For instance, many alter basic, nondescript baths by adding children’s themes and features. It is simple to paint spaces brighter, more cheerful colors and add coordinating shower curtains and even decals. Parents often install built-in booster steps that let kids reach too-high sinks and also act as cheerfully-decorated storage. Cabinets can be raised, to keep little hands away from dangerous items. Homeowners may also install additional, low towel racks on door backs or replace bottom cabinet drawers with open storage spaces that are easy for children to access.

Simple changes to bathrooms can increase style and function and are often easy DIY projects. Home improvement specialists can help customers increase bathroom space, update styles and alter baths to fit changing needs.