Today, the congestion that happens almost every time, the busyness and distance to the nearest public facilities make a lot of people choose the apartment as a place to live. In addition to congestion free, you can save time, effort, cost as well as fuel consumption. Apartments are also usually equipped facilities ranging from shopping centers, fitness center, children’s playground to the pool. The need for high privacy occupancy also contributes to the growth of apartments in big cities. Unfortunately, Apartments tend to have smaller size than ordinary houses, this triggers people to organize and decorate the apartment effectively and efficiently. You can buy furniture and furniture minimalis effective and efficient. You can simply remove your current furniture and appliance using old appliance disposal service near your area, or you can work with your current furniture.  With so many options to decorate the apartment, here are tips and creative ideas for decorating an apartment with a carpet to make the apartment room more comfortable.

  1. Choose a color theme for the entire apartment

Choose two or three matching colors for the overall furniture and wall paint. With matching colors, you can also simplify the selection of decorations. For a narrow apartment space, neutral colors or cream colors with bright accents can make the whole apartment look more spacious.

  1. Use carpet with bright colors

– If your apartment does not have a carpet, use the carpet as an accent and to add a warm atmosphere. You can also invest by buying a woolen carpet that covers the entire floor of the apartment for a luxurious and warm impression. Find an online store that sells cheap carpets to get the best deals and save your expenses in renovating the apartment.

  1. Choose quality wall paint

To paint the walls, be sure to choose a quality and durable paint. If you have small children, then the anti-stain wall paint is a good investment. With anti-stain wall paint, you just wipe the wall with a damp cloth if dirty or doodled.

  1. Install artwork or family photos on the wall

The fastest way to make your apartment look beautiful is to install the artwork on the wall. Family photos installed in the living room can also give the impression of a “Homey” apartment.

  1. Install the anti-spark panel in the kitchen

Especially for kitchen walls, you can use anti-spark panels or using ceramic to cover the wall while protecting from fire and splashes from cooking activities in the kitchen.

  1. Choose a thin and brightly colored curtain

Selection of curtains can bring a pleasant atmosphere for the entire apartment. Choose a thin curtain that can be penetrated by the sunlight so that the new Home Curtain also brings a pleasant atmosphere. Choose a bright color that can be penetrated by the sun in the morning and make your morning more fun.

  1. Put the plants in your room

To add freshness, put a unique plant in your room or next to the window. In addition to providing air freshness, the plant can be an accent and attractive decoration for your apartment. Make a hanging pot around the window to save space while getting a green area in your apartment.

  1. Use the internet to get decorating ideas

The Internet can be the best place to get decoration ideas and apartment arrangement. If you have time to spare, enter the discussion forum about home decor where you can exchange information about the arrangement of apartment space. You can communicate with architects, carpenters, interior designers and hobbyist home decor.

  1. Visit the House or your family and friends’ apartment

You can learn a lot from your home or family and friends’ apartment and record what it takes to make the room more efficient and effective. They may have a copyable trick to make the apartment feel more comfortable.

  1. Choose multifunctional and practical furniture

Choose furniture that has more than one function, such as a sofa that can also be used as a mattress. That way, you can save space and no money wasted on unnecessary items. Check the concept of a minimalist apartment that can be applied and modifications as needed, furniture such as a minimalist sofa can make the apartment more functional and comfortable. Consider choosing furniture that has wheels, so you can move them around at any time. If you want to organize the entire room, you will have no trouble moving furniture that has wheels.

Here 10 tips to decorate the apartment with a carpet to feel more spacious, comfortable and still stylish!

13 Creative Ideas Decorating This Carpeted Apartment Makes the Room More Comfortable