One of the primary furnishings of every house is the ceiling fan. People have been deriving the benefits out of the ceiling fans since their inception and over the time the fans have shown great modifications in terms of their quality, pricings and features. As the lifestyles of the people are changing continuously and are heading towards a luxurious side, ceiling fans are also getting biased by the change as well. Lately there has been a significant addition to the number of features that a customer gets from a ceiling fan. The primary and most significant feature addition is a remote control. The ceiling fans can now be controlled using a remote. This fights out the hassle of reaching out to the switch every time when one needed to turn the fan on or off or even change the speed of the fan.


A latest trend in the market, the remote controlled ceiling fans have been gradually taking over the whole market due to the number of advantages associated with them. Although priced a bit higher than the traditional fans, these fans offer great perks to the users. If you are a couch potato then the remote controlled ceiling fans are just the ones you have been waiting for. The remote controls help the toggling the function, speed and the directions of the fan without having to reach out to the switch. Some fans also feature LED lamps which can also be controlled using a remote.

The remote controlled fans offer great advantage when a person is staying in a multi storeyed apartment and does not have access to the roof wiring. In such a case a remote controlled ceiling fan can help to fight out the woes. In the present time, only those fans which run on DC come with remote controls. So if one chooses to buy a DC fan, then he needs to have a remote control for it. The remote control also provides great benefits if one is operating in a large space like a hall. He can use a common remote to switch on or off all the fans rather than reaching out for every single fan’s switch.


The remote control fans are priced higher than the conventional ones. Also the electronic system used for the purpose is sensitive and thus susceptible to damage. Hence these fans need to be handled carefully.


Remote control has risen to be one of top notch factors that affect the selection of a fan for homes. The fans with remote are trendy and are more convenient to use than the conventional ones. A lot more features are also made available with the remote controlled fans. Most of the remote controlled fans also come with LED lamps which can be a basis of selection too. After taking into consideration the above two factors one can check for the blade size and the performance of the fan along with the feedbacks from the customers.


Although the remote control provides great benefits, there are high probabilities of people ending up with a lost remote and using the pull chain to make the fan function. So if one can handle the remote of the fan pretty well, has no problems with the higher pricing and obviously wants to get some more convenience in operating the fan, it is not at all unwise to give in some extra bucks and get a remote controlled ceiling fan.