If you have been watching renovation based reality television shows, then you have had likely seen some magnificent transformations. And while it all looked like sunshine and rainbows on the surface, have you ever wondered what they aren’t showing you? Such as the mistakes the contestants makes along the way?

If you are gearing up for your own home renovation, below are the most commonly made mistakes, for you to avoid.

  1. The first mistake comes in the form of being realistic with your due date. Instead of choosing an ambitious due date, consider something realistic which includes some breathing space.

The main reason for this is so that you can get everything done. Too many renovations end with items incomplete because the contractors are not available for any longer than they were booked and they weren’t able to achieve everything on time.

  1. If you are renovating your home, then you need to be on-site. All day long. The biggest problems which occur once a home has been built could have been fixed if the owner was onsite. The perfect example is closet space. How is a builder supposed to know that the owner has a shopping addiction to the Groupon Coupons page for Aeropostale and needs the closet built to spec?

If you want it done right – be there to make sure it is. Once fixtures are installed, it can be expensive to move them.

  1. Many contractors will say things like ‘it’ll be a couple of hundred extra,’ or ‘you will need a bit more paint than that.’ However, there won’t be a price attached, and you won’t find out until they return wanting reimbursement.

Each time that a decision is made which involves money, make sure that the price is discussed and agreed on before any work or action is taken.

Renovating a home isn’t all movie montages and dancing around as it is in the movies, it takes serious work and, if you don’t pay attention, can leave you with serious problems. Take these tips into account and always ensure you use common sense and take care when performing any type of construction work.

The Three Most Most Common Mistakes When Renovating a Home