Your yard should be a place of enjoyment instead of having to fight against mosquitoes every time you step outside. Most products purchased at stores for mosquito control contain chemicals that aren’t good for you or the environment. There are ways that you can control the mosquito population without the use of deadly chemicals and sprays.

Water Control

Standing water is the breeding ground and is the first thing you should remove from your property. If you have a yard pond for decoration, you should add goldfish and other types of mosquito eating fish to it. They will consume the eggs and larvae which can help control the population.

Build or Purchase a House for Bats

Bats can eat thousands of mosquitoes a night which can be a very effective way of getting rid them. This form of mosquito control will not endanger your yard or the environment. Some birds are also good for mosquito control. Purple martins and swallows should be coaxed into your yard by building special bird houses for them. Ducks and geese also enjoy feasting on mosquitoes.


The use of garlic can also help you from getting bit. You can eat it raw, rub it on your skin, or even attach busted cloves to different parts of your body. Mosquitoes can not stand the smell of garlic making it an efficient repellent.

Essential Oils

There are many different oils available for the control of mosquitoes. Thyme oil, soybean oil, and tea tree oil are just a few that are quite efficient. Mint, black pepper, and cinnamon oil are also good products to try when trying to control mosquitoes. The use of chemicals in our society has been overused for many years and leeches into the ground water, rivers, and lakes that we use for drinking water. Taking care of out water resources is important for the future of our children.

Calling in a Professional

A professional service that offers all natural mosquito control will use sprays and repellents to keep your yard free of mosquitoes. They will treat your yard to control the mosquito population this autumn so you will be able to spend evenings enjoying your yard, cooking out, working in your garden, or just relaxing.

Everyone knows that mosquitoes are more than just irritable. They also transmit many different diseases. Children, the elderly, and those with poor immune systems are the most susceptible to these illnesses, but everyone can be affected. Keep you and your children safe by having your yard treated soon.

Winning the Fight Against Mosquitoes